The Saskatchewan Literacy Network is committed to

  • Connecting members with the latest literacy information and with each other
  • Being a voice for literacy in Saskatchewan, both provincially and nationally
  • Ensuring that the opinions of adult learners guide its work

Saskatchewan Literacy Network members

  • Receive and contribute to the Saskatchewan Literacy Network’s monthly electronic newsletter
  • Receive free shipping within the province for Saskatchewan Literacy Network resources
  • Receive reduced rates on our events and other opportunities when applicable fees are charged
  • May enter contests held by the Saskatchewan Literacy Network
  • May run for or elect representatives for the Saskatchewan Literacy Network’s Board of Directors
  • May access regular support from Saskatchewan Literacy Network staff
  • Have opportunities for partnerships and networking

Your voice is critical to building strong learning communities throughout the province.

Saskatchewan Literacy Network Members are:

  • Literacy practitioners
  • Volunteers
  • Regional colleges
  • Schools and libraries
  • Regional literacy coalitions
  • Businesses
  • Early years centers
  • Literacy learners
  • Community groups
  • Post-secondary institutes
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Government departments
  • Employers
  • Health regions

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