The image is of three young children, smiling and laughing together. They are dressed warmly and enjoying being outdoors. They have their arms around each other. There are small images of the Child Day proclamations in English and in French. The text reads "Child Day in Saskatchewan".

The rights of children are important for all of us! Saskatchewan recognizes National Child Day / la Journée nationale de l’enfant and World Children’s Day / la Journée mondiale de l’enfance on November 20. This is a day to to celebrate the rights of children, and join the awareness movement around the world. This year’s global theme is Inclusion, For Every Child / L’inclusion, pour chaque enfant.

Child Day in Saskatchewan / Journée de l’enfant en Saskatchewan

This year, the Government of Saskatchewan, from a joint request from the Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association and the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, has proclaimed Child Day in Saskatchewan – la Journée de l’enfant en Saskatchewan.

We know that many communities and organizations around our province have celebrated Child Day for many years, including with proclamations in their areas. We are pleased to honour this work with the first provincial proclamation.

Download the proclamation certificate in English..
Téléchargez le certificat de reconaissance en français..

Look for events in your area: there is so much happening for Child Day in Saskatchewan!

National Event / Événement national

You can also participate in events from Children First CanadaLes enfants d’abord Canada, including their kickoff event. This event is online, on Tuesday, November 15 from noon to 1:00pm in Saskatchewan (11:00am to noon in Lloydminster). Register for the Children First Canada event here. L’événement sera disponible en français en traduction simultanée.


Want more information, or to tell us about your event? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us.

Proclamation Certificate / Certificat de reconnaissance

Letter of Recognition / Lettre de reconnaissance

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to improving the learning environments of our young people by working collaboratively with valued organizations like yours. Child Day aligns with our commitment to supporting children’s well-being and we are proud to proclaim the first Child Day in our province this year.

Dustin Duncan
Minister of Education, Government of Saskatchewan

Le gouvernement de la Saskatchewan s’est engagé à améliorer les milieux d’apprentissage de nos jeunes en collaborant avec des organismes importants comme le vôtre. La Journée de l’enfant cadre bien avec notre engagement à soutenir le bien-être des enfants et nous sommes fiers de proclamer cette année la première« Journée de l’enfant» en Saskatchewan.

Dustin Duncan
Ministre de l’Éducation, Gouvernment de la Saskatchewan