Family Literacy Day and Family Literacy Week in Saskatchewan !

Family Literacy Day 2024 logo from ABC Life Literacy Canada. It's an image with stylized fireworks, showing a celebration. The words "Let's have a family party!" are over the text "25 Years" with "Family Literacy Day" underneath.

This year’s theme is Let’s have a family party! / Fêtons en famille !

Logo de la Journée de l'alphabétisation familiale 2024 d'ABC Alpha pour la vie Canada. C'est une image avec un feu d'artifice stylisé, montrant une célébration. Les mots « Fêtons en famille ! » sont au-dessus du texte « 25 ans » avec « Journée de l'alphabétisation familiale » en dessous.

January 27 is Family Literacy Day! Canada has celebrated this day since 1999, thanks to ABC Life Literacy Canada. We are celebrating across the province, too!

La Journée et la Semaine de l’alphabétisation familiale en Saskatchewan

Le 27 janvier est la Journée de l’alphabétisation familiale ! Le Canada célèbre cette journée depuis 1999, grâce à ABC Alpha pour la vie Canada. Nous célébrons aussi partout dans la province!

This is the cover image for the book Welcome to the Cypher by Khodi Dill, illustrated by Awuradwoa Afful, published by Annick Press


The 2024 Saskatchewan English-language theme book is Welcome to the Cypher by Khodi Dill!

Learn more here (you can sign up for the livestream here, too)!

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FLD 2024 Proclamations


Click below to download the official proclamations for Family Literacy Day and Family Literacy Week in Saskatchewan!

Available in English and French.

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Ressources en français!

Cette annee le livre thématique pour la Saskatchewan en 2024 est « Une famille..c’est une famille » de Sara O’Leary. Plus d’informations seront bientôt disponibles!

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Family Literacy Events Across Saskatchewan!

This year, organizations and groups around the province celebrate Family Literacy Day and Family Literacy Week. One of these groups is the Saskatchewan Family Literacy Hubs, and they have events planned all week (and beyond)!

Collège Mathieu Pour la journée de l’alphabétisation familiale du 27/01/2024, le Collège Mathieu, en étroite collaboration avec l’Association des Parents Fransaskois (APF), animera des activités virtuelles comme d’habitude au niveau des CAFES et Groupes de Jeux. Ils faciliteront le développement du langage des enfants et l’interraction entre les animateurs(trices) et les familles participantes à notre journée.

The La Ronge and Area Family Literacy Hub provides family literacy programming, services, and support for families with children age 0-6 throughout the Town of La Ronge, Village of Air Ronge, and the Lac La Ronge Indian Band 156. The Hub shares space with nisto ihtāwina Early Years Family Resource Centre and KidsFirst NORTH.

There are events planned all week (watch for posters with specifics on each event)!

  • January 15 to 26 – every drop-in play and colouring play pod will have a family literacy activity book and game sheet available
  • January 23
    • 9:00am to 12:00pm – story time at all three daycares (each classroom will receive a copy of “Welcome to the Cypher” with and Educator Guide)
    • 10:00am and 1:30pm – Pre-K field trip (teacher Jerica) to the Centre where “Welcome to the Cypher” will be read to the children during their field trip and a copy of the book and Educator Guide will be given to the teacher for her classroom.
    • 5:30 to 6:30pm – Little Movers: Red Light/Green Light. Families who join will each get package to take home, with information a Bluey book, fun active and outdoor play sheets in Cree, and a Winter Activities Scavenger Hunt!
  • January 24
    • 10:00 to 11:00am – Nature Play! Robots! Families can build robots out of paper rolls, make robot puzzles, and talk about shapes. Families will get a sticker book with reusable stickers to take home, too!
    • 1:30 to 3:00pm – Baby Cafe and Picture Day. Families will build their own picture frame using a wooden frame and wooden scrabble tiles. There will be a book giveaway, too: “All Kinds of Families” by Suzanne Lang!
  • January 25
    • 9:00 to 11:30am – Toddler Time: Scribbling! Have fun with scribbles! We’ll read the book “Scribble” by Ruth Ohi. Families will get information about early stages of drawing and writing, and there will be a book giveaway, too!
    • 10:30am and 2:15pm – Pre-K field trip (teacher Kelsy) to the Centre where “Welcome to the Cypher” will be read to the children during their field trip and a copy of the book and Educator Guide will be given to the teacher for her classroom.
  • January 26
    • 10:30am Join us at the Early Years Centre for the author reading livestream of “Welcome to the Cypher”
    • The “Welcome to the Cyper” StoryWalk® will be up all day at the Early Years Centre with a copy of the book available for families, too!
  • January 27
    • 11:00am to 2:30pm – Family Rap Party! “Come Bust a Rhyme and Build a (W)rap”.
      • There will be activities and maybe even a special guest will join: Jordan Bird aka Phurius Musik!
      • Families will enjoy building a (w)rap for lunch with meats and cheeses cut into shapes
      • There will be a book giveaway of  “Welcome to the Cypher”
      • Please register your family ahead of time

Lloydminster Learning Council Association (LLCA) is planning events and activities with partners, and a Family Literacy Day family fun series! Follow them on Facebook for a fun suggestion each day for families to celebrate together.

This is an event poster for Family Literacy Day celebrations in Lloydminster.January 27 – drop in between 10:00am and 6:00pm: Lloydminster Public Library will celebrate Family Literacy Day in the style of Alice in Wonderland! Join them to make fascinators and top hats out of playing cards. There will be a variety of games and activities for all ages. Free of charge and no registration is required. Stop by any time! Download the event poster here!

January 22 to 29: There will be a StoryWalk® at the Lloydminster Public Library.

Check with your local elementary school and library branch to see what other events are happening, and be sure to visit the LLCA Family Literacy Day website for updates on local activities, too!   

Moose Jaw Literacy Network will be celebrating Family Literacy Day Week and Family Literacy Month in Moose Jaw! There’s a proclamation and press release, and events around the community!

  • Events families with kids ages 0 to 5:
    • There will be parties at the Early Years Family Resource Centre!
      • Games Day (January 14)
      • Dance Party (January 21), and a
      • Pizza Party (January 26)
    • Regional Kids First and Regional Libraries have challenges with prizes! Check your local library branch for events, too!
    • There are Story Trails set up at the Family Resource Centre, 16th Ave SW, Palliser Regional Libraries, Main St. N
  • Events for school-aged kids and families:
    • Classrooms and schools will have various events like streaming the online reading of Welcome to the Cypher, and family parties (like a Breakfast Party, evening parties, and special guest readers)
    • Celebrate Family Literacy Day and all our cultures at St. Agnes School with cultural foods, dances, stories, and books. Check with the school for more details.

The Prince Albert Literacy Network (PALN) invites families, daycares, and schools to participate in online and in-person events.

PALN is proud to partner with local organizations in celebrating Family Literacy Day Jan 27th, 2024. Come and play games, participate in a StoryWalk® and face painting, and more, all for free! There will be snacks, books, and more for families (while supplies last!). Join them at the Gateway Mall from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday, January 27. Download the event poster here (jpg).

The Regina Region Family Literacy Hub is celebrating with partners across Regina for Family Literacy Week!

  • The Regina Region Family Literacy Hub is celebrating Family Literacy Day with the Sunrise Library! Join in on Saturday, January 27th at 11:00am to celebrate with some good, old-fashioned fun. There will be stories, songs, dancing, rhyming, crafts and, of course, party refreshments!
  • The Family Literacy Hub will also be involved with family celebrations in the PreK classroom in the two school divisions in Regina. Families will enjoy special party-themed stories, singing, dancing, making a family banner, and special snacks.
  • Two schools in Regina Catholic School Division will be hosting an event to celebrate Family Literacy Day with an old-fashioned party, complete with games, songs, a Storywalk®, and snacks.
  • A special visit to the Shirley Schneider Centre will take place the week of January 15 to celebrate Family Literacy Day with the babies and moms who attend the Centre.
  • Look for a proclamation by Mayor Masters, too!

The West Central Literacy Committee (WCLC) is working with partners in the region to plan events for Family Literacy Day and Family Literacy Week. Check back soon for more information.

Visit the West Central Literacy Committee on social media to learn more, too!

Join Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Public Library to celebrate Family Literacy Day!

Stop by for activities, prizes, free books, and to learn more about literacy program in your community. No cost.

Date: Saturday, January 27
Time: Drop in any time between 10:30am and 12:30pm
Location: Rusty MacDonald Library, 225 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon

Special guests include Saskatoon Early Years Family Resource Centre.

All-ages are welcome and no registration required.

Southwest Literacy Committee (SWLC) is planning events with partners in the region!

  • Swift Current Early Years Family Resource Centre,
    • Stuffie Sleepover Party! Families who visit the Swift Current Early Years Family Resource Centre in January will find fun and engaging literacy learning opportunities connected to the theme of “Let’s have a family party!” and, on Friday, January 26, the stuffed animals will be having a Stuffie Sleepover Party. Children are invited to drop off a stuffed animal in advance and then return to EYFRC’s “Let’s Play” program on Saturday morning (Family Literacy Day) to learn what the stuffies got up to at their party!
    • Welcome to the Cypher livestream! The Early Years Family Resource Centre has also registered for the “Welcome to the Cypher” livestream event on Friday, January 26 at 10:30am and welcomes families to enjoy this event from the comfort of the Centre as well.
  • StoryWalk® at the Mall: All families are invited to enjoy the “Welcome to Cypher” StoryWalk® at the Swift Current Mall (January 22 to 27).
  • The Southwest Literacy Committee is also hosting a grade 3 program through Chinook School Division with author Mitali Banerjeu Ruth, who wrote the chapter book, “Awesome Orange Birthday Party.” They are giving a copy of “Welcome to Cypher” to each Grade 2 classroom, and there will be other chances to win a copy as a prize in a draw. Grade 2 teachers are encouraged to sign up for the livestream reading on January 26 and 27, and families in the community are encouraged to signup for the livestream reading as well.

Looking for more programs and events?

Literacy programs and events are essential for fostering a love of reading and improving literacy skills in communities. Libraries and educational organizations host various events, such as reading festivals with author readings, and workshops. These programs promote literacy and lifelong learning, benefiting people of all ages.

Be sure to follow each Family Literacy Hub on social media for great events and information all year!

This is the logo for the Saskatchewan Family Literacy Hubs. The words 'Family Literacy Hubs' is in the middle, symbolizing a gathering place of knowledge and experience; four colours are around the middle, symbolizing the four pillars of Family Literacy Hub activities; around this, there is a green circle with the word 'Saskatchewan' symbolizing the work for all the province.

We are happy to work with the Saskatchewan Family Literacy Hubs on this project. Each of the organizations and groups listed above is one of the province’s 9 Family Literacy Hubs!

Learn about the Family Literacy Hubs!
ABC Life Literacy Canada's logo for Family Literacy Day - Since 1999 - January 27

Planning your own events? Register your Family Literacy Day event with ABC Life Literacy Canada. Let us know what you’re doing, too; we’d love to hear about it!

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Family Literacy Day 2024 logo from ABC Life Literacy Canada. It's an image with stylized fireworks, showing a celebration. The words "Let's have a family party!" are over the text "25 Years" with "Family Literacy Day" underneath.

This theme for 2023 is “Celebrate Your Heritage.” want to learn more about your heritage: in your family, in your community, and in the lands where you live.

Resources (English)Ressources (français)

Useful Family Literacy Day event resources:

Since ABC Life Literacy Canada started Family Literacy Day in 1999, we have worked together to raises awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Every year, we celebrate Family Literacy Day in Saskatchewan. This is our second year for Family Literacy Week in Saskatchewan!

What is family literacy? Visit our family literacy resource page for more information!

Barbara Reid, award-winning Canadian author and illustrator, is the Honorary Chair of Family Literacy Day. You can download her tip sheets here for some great ideas on how to make learning a fun part of your family routine.

ABC Life Literacy Canada’s Family Literacy Day Resources
ABC Life Literacy Canada’s family literacy and family literacy statistics


If you have questions, or would like support for your event, please contact us.