Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Benchmarks Levels 1 & 2

What are Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Benchmarks?     

The Circle of Learning Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Benchmarks Levels 1 & 2 has been prepared for regional colleges, public institutions, and community-based organizations that offer adult literacy programs in formal and non-formal settings. In response to social and economic change in the 21st century, The Circle of Learning identifies foundational skills that adult literacy learners need in order to participate fully at home, at work and in the community.

Circle of Learning
resources are free to download:

 The Circle of Learning General Information

The Circle of Learning: Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Benchmarks Levels 1 and 2

Intake and Assessment Guide

 Adult Literacy (Levels 1-3) Scope and Sequence Chart

Rubric for a Well-Written Paragraph (Level 2)

 Skills and Goals Checklist – Reading (Level 1)

 Skills and Goals Checklist – Writing (Level 1) 

 Skills and Goals Checklist – Writing (Level 2)

 Skills and Goals Checklist – Numeracy (Level 1)

 Skills and Goals Checklist – Numeracy (Level 2) 

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