Adult & Workplace Literacy Training

Adult and workplace literacy training are pivotal in equipping individuals with essential skills for navigating the demands of modern employment. These programs offer tailored curriculum and flexible learning formats to address diverse needs, covering areas such as reading, writing, numeracy, and digital literacy. By providing holistic support and measuring progress, they create supportive environments where participants can thrive.

Through enhancing basic literacy skills and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, adult and workplace literacy training not only empower individuals to succeed in their current roles but also pave the way for continued growth and advancement in the ever-evolving workforce.

Please contact the Saskatchewan Literacy Network for more information or to arrange for any of the following trainings.

This one-day training presents the background and rationale for the development of Benchmarks for Level 1 & 2 literacy learners in Saskatchewan. It is open to literacy practitioners and those interested in developing a further understanding of how intake and assessment principles, portfolio use, and theme-based planning relates to the Level 1 & 2 Adult Literacy Benchmarks.

This one-day training provides an overview of the Learner Intake and Assessment process and provides participants with practical demonstrations on how to create an intake and assessment process. This is an adaptable tool that can provide an indication of the knowledge, skills, and progress of learners. The training is open to anyone interested in helping learners develop the skills necessary to build confidence and take charge of their learning outcomes.

Math is everywhere – in music, dance, banking, cooking, and recreation. This one-day workshop takes participants through a process that demonstrates how much math they apply and use every day and introduces lots of fun ideas about how to engage Level 1 & 2 learners in improving basic numeracy skills. Tools and ideas will help participants bring fresh ideas into their work with numeracy learners and reduces common fears about math.

This one-day workshop helps participants answer many questions: What is a portfolio? Why use a portfolio? How do you create a portfolio with your learners? This hands-on training will demonstrate the value of holistic or specific use portfolios. Participants learn how to help learners create a portfolio that affirms their strengths and skills that provides the foundation for their learning journey.

This training provides participants with an understanding of essential skills and their importance in enhancing safety and productivity in the workplace. It is open to those interested in improving workplace safety, training, competency, job satisfaction, and employee retention.