Travel the World Together… to the Arctic!

Celebrate Family Literacy Day and Family Literacy Week in Saskatchewan, and Travel the World Together! You can watch the video (and do fun activities) from author Ruth Wellborn. Ruth read her book Never Rub Noses with a Narwhal and shared stories and facts about the Arctic of North America.

To learn more about Family Literacy Day, and for more Family Literacy Day and Family Literacy Week activities, visit the Family Literacy Day in Saskatchewan page here.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the livestream! You can still watch the video here. Ruth has also shared some great activities to do as a family. You can download these family activities here.

Livestream link:

Download posters, postcards, patterns, and other activities here!

Never Rub Noses with a Narwhal book cover

So many stories!

If you still want to, you can download the poster and postcard here.

Ruth also shared some activities and some favourite places she liked to visit. You can download the family activities here!


The Saskatchewan Literacy Network would like to thank Ruth Wellborn for sharing her time and stories. Thank you to our partners for their work to make this event possible: Family Literacy Hubs of Saskatchewan, and Government of Saskatchewan.