Training and Workshops

We work with you to ensure that the training and workshops that we deliver support literacy development in your community. For more information, please contact our office at                1-888-511-2111 or [email protected].

Adult Literacy Benchmarks

Intake and Assessment

This one-day training provides an overview of the Learner Intake and Assessment process and provides participants with practical demonstrations on how to create an intake and assessment process, which is an adaptable tool that can provide an indication of the knowledge, skills, and progress of learners. It is open to anyone interested in helping learners develop the skills necessary to build confidence and encourage learners to take charge of their learning outcomes.

Numeracy for Level 1 & 2 Benchmarks

Math is everywhere… in music, dance, banking, cooking, and recreation. This one-day workshop will take participants through a process that shows them how much math they apply and use every day and introduces lots of fun ideas about how to engage Level 1 & 2 learners in improving basic numeracy skills. It is open to anyone interested in helping learners develop the math skills necessary to build confidence and encourage learners to take charge of their learning outcomes.

Orientation to Level 1 & 2 Benchmarks

This one-day training presents the background and rationale for the development of Benchmarks for Level 1 & 2 literacy learners in Saskatchewan. It is open to literacy practitioners and those interested in developing further understanding about how intake and assessment principles, portfolio use, and theme based planning relates to the Level 1 & 2 Adult Literacy Benchmarks.

Portfolio Development

This one-day workshop helps participants answer many questions: What is portfolio? Why use portfolio? How do you create a portfolio with your learners? This hands-on experience will demonstrate the value of holistic or specific use portfolio. Filled with ideas about how to help learners create a portfolio that affirms their strengths and skills that provides the foundation for their learning journey. It is open to anyone interested in helping learners develop the skills necessary to build confidence and encourage learners to take charge of their learning outcomes.

Family Literacy

Come Read With Me Facilitator Training

This two-day training uses children’s books as a starting point for families to develop and practice literacy skills. It provides facilitators practice in using children’s books as a springboard for discussing parenting topics, for helping parents and caregivers support their children’s learning, and for helping program participants explore their own learning needs. The Introduction to Family Literacy is a prerequisite.

Engaging Children and Families in Learning Fun

A half day, hands-on workshop. Take away fresh ideas and practical resources to create your own exciting learning experiences for children and families. Experience the magic of stretching your imagination. Discover new ways to explore the world around you. Recognize the benefits of intergenerational learning. Practice learning FUN!

Introduction to Family Literacy Workshop

This six-hour workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about family literacy. It is open to anyone interested in discovering how to engage families in “learning fun,” learning the theory and guiding principles of family literacy, and how to plan family literacy activities and programs that work for your community.

Prenatal Caring Circle Facilitator Training

This two-day workshop helps facilitators learn the history, rationale, and goals supporting the delivery of the Prenatal Caring Circle program. Participating facilitators will explore the connection between family literacy, fetal and child development, and prenatal well being by practicing the delivery of programming through mock sessions.

Rhymes, Songs, and Storytelling Facilitator Training

The one-day workshop provides the rationale for using rhymes, songs and stories to encourage language development. The training helps facilitators learn to teach rhymes and songs to parents and caregivers, and how to offer a Rhymes, Songs, and Storytelling program. This training is open to everyone interested in learning to facilitate or teach the concepts and benefits of parents using rhymes, songs, and stories to nurture the development of their children.

Storysacks Facilitator Training

This one-day workshop helps participants answer many questions: What are Storysacks? Why use Storysacks? What goes into Storysacks? How do you create Storysacks? Participants learn the history, the philosophy, and guiding principles supporting Storysacks development. Working as a team, participants create one Storysacks while exploring the potential and value of using the strengths already present in their community to create these powerful literacy resources.

Literacy and Essential Skills Development

Clear Language Workshop

This half-day workshop offers participants the opportunity to develop the skills that promote clear and effective communication. It is designed for anyone interested in developing a clearer understanding of communication

Essential Skills Training

This training provides participants with an understanding of essential skills and their importance to enhancing safety and productivity in the modern workplace. It is open to everyone interested in improving workplace safety, competency job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Introduction to Literacy

This half-day workshop offers participants an extensive overview of literacy and essential skills. Participants will familiarize themselves with concepts and applications as well as having a better understanding of literacy and essential skills in Saskatchewan.

Program Planning and Proposal Writing Workshop

This full day workshop introduces participants to a step-by-step approach to the program planning and proposal writing process. It is intended for those interested in program development and in cultivating strong proposal writing skills that increase success in accessing funds available from government and other funding agencies.


Saskatchewan Literacy Network Knowledge Exchange

This two-day annual provincial knowledge exchange provides learning, networking,
and professional development opportunities for practitioners and adult learners across the province. This knowledge exchange offers workshops and presentations related to delegates’ literacy practice and the support of literacy development their communities. It is open to anyone involved with or interested in literacy in Saskatchewan and beyond. For more information, please visit