We hope you are enjoying the book “When the Trees Crackle with Cold: A Cree Calendar” by Bernice Johnson-Laxdal and Miriam Körner. For sharing any book together, asking questions helps us experience the story and learn together! Try asking these questions as you look at each page of this book. These questions were created in collaboration with Bernice and Miriam.

Want more ideas about sharing books together with children, and why it’s important? Here are 7 tips and ideas for book sharing!

How does the wood protect the family from the cold?
What is the bear doing in the picture?

Would you like to go on a dog sled ride and why?
Where do eagles go in winter?

What are some other signs of spring?
What are some ways that you help in your family?

What other animals live in a slough?
What do you think the family will plant when the garden is prepared?

What kind of fish do you think the family will catch?
What would you take with you to go fishing?

What bird do you see in the picture?
What other birds do you know?

Do you remember how the family caught the fish?
What are some other things that you can cook outdoors?

What berries do you like to pick?
In the picture, what else is eating the berries?

Who does the bull moose call to?
What would you take with you on a hunting trip?

Once the cranberries are canned, how will the family use them?
Have you eaten canned cranberries?

How many points do the snowflakes have in the picture?
By looking at the picture, how can you tell it is winter time?

What is your favourite thing to do outside in winter?
Where do you think the fox is going?