We hope you are enjoying the book “Li’l Shadd: A Story of Ujima” by Alix Lwanga and Miriam Körner, with illustrations by Miriam Körner. For sharing any book together, asking questions helps us experience the story and learn together! Try asking these questions as you look at the pages of this book.

Want more ideas about sharing books together with children, and why it’s important? Here are 7 tips and ideas for book sharing!

What do the pictures (book covers) tell us about the story? Who could the story be about?  

Pages 4 and 5
A Cree word for thanks is têniki (TAY-nik-kih). Do you know how to say thanks in another language? Sign language?
In the past, we used horses to pull wagons and had different ways to travel. What ways can we get from place to place. Which is the slowest and which is the fastest? 

Pages 6 and 7
All families are different/special. Who are all the people in the picture?

What might ujima mean? What language could it be?

In the story, Dr. Shadd tells his son ujima is “our brothers’ and sisters’ concerns and our concerns.”  How do you help others in your community? 

Pages 12 and 13
Count the poles of the tipis that have a cover. How many poles do you see?
Who in your family can speak a different language than you speak? What language do you want to learn to speak?

Pages 14 and 15
In the picture, the baby is in a moss bag. What do you think the moss bag is used for?

Pages 20 and 21
What do you have at home that could make into a drum?

How does Li’l Shadd feel about his father going to help the baby at the beginning of the story? How does he feel at the end? Why did his feelings change? 

Talk about the feelings Li’l Shadd experiences in the story: