The Saskatchewan Literacy Network takes an active role in promoting literacy at work through delivering training, involvement in projects and providing resources to literacy practitioners.

For more information and to offer workplace literacy initiatives in your community, please contact our office.

Our current projects…

Adult Basic Education – Essential Skills for the Workplace (ABE-ESWP)

The Project: Various workplace programs across the province

Website: Government of Saskatchewan – Adult Basic Education 

ABE-ESWP programs, funded by the Ministry of the Economy, focus on providing adult learners with enhanced literacy, using the Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Benchmarks Levels 1 and 2, and incorporating employment information and readiness (including work placements). The programs assist participants to enter the workforce. The Circle of Learning: Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Benchmarks Levels 1 & 2 (Benchmarks) administered through the Saskatchewan Literacy Network (SLN) is mandated as the provincial document for delivery of these programs. The SLN trains practitioners in the theoretical framework and implementation of Benchmarks.

Strengthening Rural Canada

The Project: Rural community research across the province


Strengthening Rural Canada is a comprehensive study on the human and social capital dimensions of rural, small town and remote communities in Canada. Using the latest Census and National Household Survey (NHS) data, the initiative is investigating the connections between human capital – the value of an individual or populations’ skills, knowledge and experience to an organization or country – and rural growth in communities across Canada.