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The Learners’ Focus Committee (LFC)

The SLN’s LFC is made up of a group of talented individuals from
across Saskatchewan. Improved confidence through gentle encouragement
has helped our members reach their goals and become successful at
home, at work, and in their communities.

The Committee meets two to three times a year to discuss literacy
issues. These meetings are a great way for learners to get to know
more about literacy around the province and share their views.

Meet our Learners’ Focus Committee


Left to right: Lin Ling Yuan, Lynda Richards, Ngeune
Selinger, Gordon Li, Ming Xiang Pan

Missing: Randy Belanger and Dorothy Wilson


Lin Ling Yuan (Regina, Saskatchewan) appreciates
her membership with the LFC. The LFC has provided her with a place
to belong, a place to share, and a place to learn.

“The LFC is a place to belong. It is a place learners share
and learn and receive encouragement to improve, not only wiritng
skills, but also public speaking skills to help us adapt to
employment and community.
” Lin Ling Yuan (2012)

Lynda Richards (Swift Current, Saskatchewan),
long time member of the LFC, receives much more than she gives.

“Members of the LFC and the SLN believed in me when I didn’t
believe in myself. We are encouraged to do things that we could
never do on our own. The SLN has supported our learning, gave
us the opportunity to gain and practice new skills, and provided
a safe place of belonging.”
Lynda Richards (2012)

Ngeune Selinger (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan)
wanted to learn new skills and share her life experiences when she
joined the LFC.

“The LFC is a community of learning, sharing, and encouragement.
It is a group that we are passionate about and that we are happy
to donate our time to. I am proud to be an advocate for Literacy
and Learning for Life.”
Ngeune Selinger (2012)

Gordon Li (Regina, Saskatchewan) wanted to become
a part of a learning community when he joined the LFC. Improving
his skills has led to a better understanding of the job market and
helped him succeed.

“The LFC organizes many learners’ programs and provides
guidance and direction. The LFC supplies lots of resources for
Gordon Li (2012)

Ming Xiang Pan (Regina, Saskatchewan) began his
learning journey at the Regina Public Library, where he found support
and the LFC.

“I think the LFC is a good place to belong. It has lots
of resources that provide me iwth the confidence I need to strengthen
my essential skills; such as speaking English, working skills,
and communication skills.”
Ming Xiang Pan (2012)

Randy Belanger (Ile-a-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan)
came to the LFC via the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network.
While learning Cree, Randy realized that the LFC was a place that
could help him continuously learn.

“The LFC has given me the chance to hear about the challenges
that are out there and to combat them. I feel part of something
“province wide” and that I can make a difference. Our words
help form literacy in our province.”
Randy Belanger (2012)

Council of the Federation Literacy Award Recipient – Gordon

Congratulations to our very own
Learner Focus Committee member, Gordon Li, on his recent win.
Gordon is the 2012 recipient of the Council of the Federation Literacy
Award. This award, created by Canada’s premiers in 2005, recognizes
individuals for outstanding achievements and contributions to the
field fo literacy. Gordon’s accomplishments deserve to be celebrated!

“Gordon Li’s deep personal commitment to literacy and his ongoing
work in the community exemplifies the spirit of the Council of
the Federation Literacy Award,” Premier Brad Wall said. “Through
his efforts as a literacy volunteer, Mr. Li has made Saskatchewan
a more welcoming place and enriched the lives of many people.
I commend him for his commitment to our community.” (Government
of Saskatchewan News Release, July 24, 2012)

Want to be involved?

To become a member of the Learners’ Focus Committee contact Desiree
(306-651-7286), Workplace and Community Literacy.

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