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Family literacy refers to how families use reading,
writing, and communicating to work, learn and play together – both
at home and in their community. It is about families taking time
to develop relationships.

Everyday activities that parents share with their
children are not only learning opportunities for the child, but
the parents as well. When families take time to read, explore a
city or countryside, visit a museum or park, bake or cook, share
stories or celebrate traditions together, they are practicing family

definition of parent  includes caregivers and guardians.

For the Success at School 

The Saskatchewan Literacy Network is pleased to announce the completion of For the Success at School. This companion booklet to For the Love of Reading and For the Joy of Learning is now available from the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.  For the Success at School provides families with encouragement and practical ideas to help children be successful from preschool through high school, and beyond.

With the support of the Communities Initiatives Fund we are pleased to offer these booklets free of charge.

Download your electronic copy today or contact our office through email, [email protected], or phone, 1-888-511-2111, to order the print versions of the booklet.

For the Success at School

Tool Kit:

The Family Literacy Toolkit was developed based
on the work of Tam Miller and Sheryl Harrow.

and Philosophies of Family Literacy

Learning Styles

Origin of

Features of Family Literacy Programs

Benefits from Family Literacy

Choosing a Book
For Your Child


of the Child

a Family Literacy Program

Checklist for
Starting a Family Literacy Program



Prenatal Calendar

Prenatal Resource

Literacy Standards

the Love of Reading

the Joy of Learning




National Family Literacy Day

Each year on January 27th, families and communities across Saskatchewan celebrate Family Literacy Day, a national day created by ABC Life Literacy Canada to promote reading and learning as family activities. This important day communicates the vital message to children and parents that the reading and learning habits developed at an early age set the stage for success later in life. This year’s theme “Take 20 in 2020” encourages families to take 20 minutes each day to make learning together a part of their daily routine.

Barbara Reid, award-winning Canadian author and illustrator, is the Honourary Chair of Family Literacy Day and has developed wonderful tips sheets that provide some great ideas on how to make learning a fun part of your family routine. Downloads are available here:  https://abclifeliteracy.ca/family-literacy-day/

Celebrate National Family Literacy Day and check out local events by connecting with the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, Family Literacy Hubs, and schools, libraries and family and early years centers, in your community. Saskatchewan Government, Ministry of Education has proclaimed January 27th, 2020 as Family Literacy Day and January 26th, to February 1st, 2020 as Family Literacy Week in Saskatchewan.